Going Beyond the Boundary with Kyoukai no Kanata


Of all the shows to come out this season, Kyoukai no Kanata was the first to catch my eye. I first came across the title during August after finding the trailer on Facebook. My thoughts were “Dat ass” and “Actually this looks rather fun.” So what is this show really about? Kanbara Akihito is a high school sophomore who is half human half youmu. In other words, Inyuyasha with out the furry and without the bad character design. Akihito is immortal, making him the perfect test dummy for love interest girl Kuriyama Mirai. Mirai is the last remaining member of a clan of demon hunters who’s power is to use blood as a weapon. It can solidify into a weapon or be used to acidify and burn through almost anything. However she has a very hard time killing youmu. Seeing her struggle Akihito does his best to assist her so she can slay youmu, get rare item drops (Which is awesome btw because it’s rpg as fuck) and make enough to pay for rent and food. There’s your basic raw plot outline. So why should you watch it?

Basically, from an entrancing art style that is very pleasing to observe, to well written humorous dialog, this show has lovable characters right from the start. The use of classic character archetypes in unique yet interesting ways adds to a colorful cast with much potential in character growth that becomes visible as it progresses. The action is very up to par, and character fighting styles are very different keeping interest in what they’re going to do next. Kyoukai’s story start’s simple, but further development add’s mysterious foreshadowing and hype for the climax. For a show that’s listed for 13 episodes it keeps a strong place in your mind to ponder what will happen next.

It’s too early to rate the show but based on what’s happened I will say I recommend it to anyone looking for a decent action anime.

The show updates on Wednesday’s and is streamed on Crunchyroll (listed as Beyond the Boundary)

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