Strike the Blood, Awful Title, Decent Show



As we all understand, this show has an awful title. But it is interesting. I’m not gonna lie I found this in the beginning of the season bored on break skimming through Crunchyroll and decided “Meh why not I’ll watch the trailer. Maybe get a few laughs.” But that’s not quite what happened. By the end of the trailer I was surprised at how interested I was. The art is fresh, the fighting looked intense, and the characters were attention grabbing.

What’s this show have really?
Well the protagonist isn’t boring bitch surprisingly enough. As said before the action is fairly intense. The story is easy enough to understand but still fun to keep up on. The quality of animation is well kept. The cast is plentiful with well rounded screen time. Also there’s fan service for the people who just want to see some leg. But it doesn’t consume the entire show *cough cough* HOTD *cough cough*

A far as the plot I don’t want to get too into it because it’s better to experience it than read it but I will throw some key phrases at you to help you understand what’s what.
Akatsuki Kojo is a high school student who was turned into “The 4th Progenitor” which is essentially a Vampire Lord. After becoming this an organization known as the Lion-King sent an attack mage to observe his actions and, if necessary, kill him. Strangely enough however the mage sent was only an apprentice. A girl named Yukina Himeragi. She is given the most powerful spear for anti-progenitor use. Kojo is not quite what Himeragi expected as they meet and begin to be around each other casually. This leads to them getting intertwined with situations pertaining to terrorist organizations, and ancient enemies where the two must rely on each other and fight side by side.

Maybe not the best synopsis but as I said it’s something more to be experienced than read. This is another anime I recommend to action anime fans out as well as anyone looking to fill that empty space this season.

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