Host Info



The Manly Tears Podcast is hosted by:

Noel Rodney Jr.


Noel is a Stand Up Comedian from the New York/Long Island area. He is also a self-proclaimed authority on all things anime and manga related. Noel has written a number of anime and video game reviews for several websites over the years, most of which are no longer active.

You can follow Noel on Twitter Here

Kamen Reviewer

(Insert Bio Here)

Evoluder Kamina


Age: 31

Blood type: Hot

Catchphrase: Random Giant Robot Attacks

Dream: To one day sail the sea of stars in a super-powered mechanical death-machine, saving the helpless of the cosmos from monsters and aliens and shit.

The third guy, and resident Giant Robot nut of the group. Upon meeting NoBadSign, he teamed up him and the Kamen Reviewer to hijack a random panel at a local convention, and spread the word of Hotblood and Manliness to the masses of Casual Anime Fans. After parting ways, he was eventually called in to the Kamen Lair for a secret mission to join forces once again, and spread their message on a global scale! Or maybe it was just to talk about Japanese Cartoons… iunno.

You can follow EK and his lack of Twitterness Here

And follow his MAL Here


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