Fall 2013 Anime: Samurai Flamenco

Samurai-FlamencoI think from now on, I am going to make it a practice of mine that if a new anime doesn’t have a prior manga, game or, novel connected to it, I will make sure to view as little promotional material for it as possible. What you are looking at is the first and only bit of promotional material I saw prior to watching Samurai Flamenco and I have to say that I do not regret that decision one bit because learning about the show’s premise when I first sat down to watch it was just too good.

Analysis: Anyone who’s followed the Manly Tears Podcast since its inception will know about Tokusatsu. For those whop don’t, I’ll offer a quick explanation. Basically, they’re live action super hero shows that have garnered the attention of little kids all across the country of Japan. One of the most successful of which, the Super Sentai franchise, is the basis for the Power Rangers. Samurai Flamenco’s main character, male model Masayoshi Hazama, is a 19 year old who is still infatuated with the concept of costumed heroes like Kamen Rider or Kikaider but, not specifically them because, lawsuits are scary! Masayoshi is so obsessed that he decides that he’ll finally realize his dream of becoming a costumed hero and fighting against evil organizations and monsters. However, since evil organizations and ancient monsters aren’t around every corner he has to settle for what is around every corner; drunks and unruly teenagers. Aided by police officer, Hidenori Gotou and former tokusatsu actor Jouji Kaname, Masayoshi continues to fight for truth and justice as he slowly gains internet notoriety.

[Commie] Samurai Flamenco - 03 [BCB91CAC].mkv_snapshot_10.18_[2013.10.25_10.15.08]

“Oh God, why is this happening to me!”

 The basic premise of Samurai Flamenco is almost identical to the Mark Millar comic Kick Ass, although it is nowhere near as dark, disturbing or, brutal. Thankfully, Masayoshi hasn’t found himself caught up in any altercations with organized crime or anything truly dangerous however it seems like only a matter of time until he does. The supporting cast of Samurai Flamenco is simply amazing. Along with Gotou and Kaname is a group of concerned citizens, tv producers and, general crazies who find themselves involved with Masayoshi either through his life as a male model, his life as a masked crime fighter or, both. The show is of course full of delightful little nods to tokusatsu shows. Jouji Kaname in and of himself is an obvious reference to Hiroshi Fujioka, the actor who played the first Kamen Rider. One scene in an early episode features Gotou, Masayoshi and, Kaname sit down to some instant curry and discuss Super Sentai traditions. Slap in a solid voice cast formed of veterans and relative newcomers, as well as a plot twist that I would never have seen coming and Samurai Flamenco is easily my favorite show of the season.

[Commie] Samurai Flamenco - 08 [240B4AA4].mkv_snapshot_14.24_[2013.12.02_00.59.05]

Verdict: Why are you still reading this? I just said this was my favorite show of the season! It’s a show about a crazy male model who dresses up like a budget superhero to stop litterers and loiterers! WATCH IT!

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