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Fall 2013 Anime: Wanna Be the Strongest in the World

I’m really starting to get tired of anime with really long names. Not because they’re hard to remember but, just because it gets annoying to write about them, since I usually write out the full name about seven times if … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Anime: Kill la Kill

Last Fall was the last time I tried to do those annoying solo pod casts for every new season. Boy, how time sure does fly, right!? Since I’m getting into Kill la Kill, I thought I would direct everyone’s attention … Continue reading

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Manga Review: Blood Lad by Yuuki Kodama

Man! How long has it been since I did a good, old, written review? Too long, I say! However, don’t worry. I plan to make these a little bit more frequent so, stay tuned! There are those out there who … Continue reading

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