Fall 2013 Anime: Kill la Kill

KillLaKill early imageLast Fall was the last time I tried to do those annoying solo pod casts for every new season. Boy, how time sure does fly, right!? Since I’m getting into Kill la Kill, I thought I would direct everyone’s attention to This. It’s a little article written by one Richard Eisenbies over at Kotaku, talking about Kill la Kill and how the method of transformation used in the show apparently bears a resemblance to slitting one’s wrist. So let’s take a moment to all point and laugh at this dude then, get on with our lives.

Kill la Kill is the brain child of Studio Trigger, a group of former Gainax guys who, under the leadership of director Hiroyuki Imaishi, went on to form their own studio and release some pretty interesting stuff, such as Inferno Cop and Little Witch Academia. It should also be noted that Kill la Kill features much of the same production staff that brought us Gurren Lagann, so it goes without saying that this was a show that received an incredible amount of hype both in Japan and abroad before its premiere. Now the only question is whether it lives up to said hype.

Analysis: This show is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, a man who’s made his name with other works such as FLCL, Dead Leaves, Evangelion, Panty and Stocking and, of course, Gurren Lagann. Gainax veteranKillLaKill whose decided to break out on his own, Imaishi and his team’s greatest strength is their ability to refresh old ideas and themes with their high-energy animation style as shown with Gurren Lagann, as anyone who has ever seen or heard of Getter Robo can and will tell you. That is exactly what Kill la Kill is, nothing particularly new but, it’s done in a way that no one’s seen before.

Kill la Kill begins the way I believe most anime should, devoid of wordy monologues or Star Wars like text scrolls meant to set up the world and its rules. Instead, we have a high-energy, high-action cold opening that establishes our main villains, their goals and, one of the major plot points of the show. The story revolves around Ryuuko Matoi, a tough girl who has just transferred to Honnouji Academy in search of the person who killed her Juuzou Kabuto-esque father. The most likely suspect in this case is Sastuki Kiryuuin, the student council president who controls the school like a savage dictator because you know, student council president is a position that’s ju[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 03 (720p) [D6162FE9].mkv_snapshot_20.33_[2013.10.18_10.55.49]st brimming with overwhelming power and authority, right? When Ryuuko realizes that it’ll be tough to reach Satsuki since she has an army of students wearing magical school uniforms that give them crazy super powers, she makes a hasty retreat to her old house, where she discovers her own super powered school uniform that gives her amazing powers.

Giving a simple description of the plot of Kill la Kill doesn’t do it justice. At its core, it’s nothing really ground-breaking, a revenge story with hints of a major twist down the road. However, The care that Imaishi and the folks at Trigger put into its presentation are what make it shine. The only true problem I have with the show is the fact that Taku Iwasaki was not brought in to compose the soundtrack. Instead, they chose to go with Hiroyuki Sawano, who people will know as the composer for Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan and, Sengoku Basara. As you all know, the big selling point being used for the show is that it’s the team that brought you Gurren Lagann so, to find out that the music, which was a major part of the Gurren Lagann experience, is composed by someone else, is a bit of a disappointment.

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 03 (720p) [D6162FE9].mkv_snapshot_18.18_[2013.10.21_22.24.27]Verdict: At the time I am writing this, I have just finished watching episode three and if it’s any indicator for how the rest of the series will be, Kill la Kill has a solid chance at being the best show this season or maybe even this year. I’m gonna be following this weekly and I suggest that everyone who reads this does too.

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