Review: S.H. Figuarts DekaYellow (SPD Yellow)


Hey everyone, Evoluder Kamina here with the first Manly Tears Toy Review, of The Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive S.H. Figuarts DekaYellow From Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, or SPD Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers SPD.

Packaging –




Bandai has continued to do a nice job with the packaging on their Sentai Figuarts. Each team’s packaging is designed around their motif, a trend which is starting to make its way into their Kamen Rider Line as well. For DekaYellow and the rest of the Dekarangers, the box sports their number stylized on the right as it appears on their uniform, and the Dekaranger Shield is distributed nicely around the box.


DekaYellow herself is a very nice looking figure, the design is simple and carried over very well from the show. As expected from the Figuarts line, the coloring and paint aps are all done very nicely, down to the details on the Badge and Buckle, and even the lettering on the Police Shield on her right shoulder.


The helmet is painted with a gloss finish, and the silver lining along the sides really helps it to pop. The red police lights are molded in translucent plastic, much like the eyes on the Kamen Rider Figuarts.

Articulation –

DekaYellow’s articulation for the most part is right up there with most Figuarts, but it does share a few faults that some of the previous Sentai Figuarts have run into as well, manly the Shinkengers, due to using a similar body type. The shoulders still have that awkward piece covering the joint, which sometimes causes trouble when trying to pose the arms across the body, a problem that could have been avoided by adding the extra twist joint in the arms like they had on the Gokaigers. Other than that the poseabilty is pretty decent, and you can still pull off some pretty cool action poses.20

Also to note, not directly connected to the articulation, but something that stems from it, is the Holsters on the belt. The Holster for the D-Stick pegs into the belt right on the side and runs down the leg, but due to the close proximity of the hips, the slightest movement will pop it off.

Accessories –

DekaYellow comes with 12 total hands, 2 fists, 2 Holding Things hands, 2 holding guns hands, 2 calm open hands, 2 hands with the index and middle finger pointed out as for her Rolecall pose, one hand with Zeni Bombs, and one flat palmed hand. In addition, she comes with 2 D-Sticks, one extended, one retracted, and the holster, the D-Knuckle and Holster, the D-Shot, SP Magnum, Deka Wapper, and the SP License, which does open up, a feature they don’t show on the instructions and as far as I remember, didn’t show in the preview images, and holder. All very nicely detailed down to the paint aps. The only thing they could have added would have been one more additional hand, better suited for holding the SP License. The Holding Things hand works, but you really have to force it in there and I feel it might loosen up the hand over time.

Overall Thoughts
As a fan I was very much looking forward to this release and for the most part I was still happy with it, but the poor construction on the shoulders, as well as the holster constantly falling off does take away from it a bit. Other than that, once you get it into a nice pose she looks quite nice. As she is a Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive, the only way to get her at this point is going to be Second Hand, probably close to $100 and up. If you’re just a casual fan and you find it may not be worth the price you’re going to see on a regular basis, but unless you’re a huge fan, or just trying to complete the team, the prices your going to see her for the most part may not be worth it.

Anyway, this has been a Manly Tears Toy Review. Thanks for reading, and let the Manly Tears Flow.







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