MTP 18: You’re doing pretty good for someone who has brain damage

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This episode, we talk about one of my absolute favorite anime, Kino’s Journey. We also talk about some recent news (by “recent” I mean a month old by now. sue me.) like George Takei talking about the Akira live action, the Persona 4 anime, and new Kenshin anime. I should also mention that any background noise you hear is from sonic screwdrivers and Henshin belts.

Today’s Topics: George Takei’ our favorite gay asian man, I LOOOOOOVE KINO’S JOURNEY, 2/3 of our hosting crew needs to play Persona 4, New Dengeki Bunko light novel series: Chicken Nuggets, Kamen is interrupted by wrestling talk then, retaliates by browsing 4chan, Super Hero Time Charity, Moar Lily Shirogane!? AWESOOOME!

Opening song: “Uragiri no Yuuyake remix” by nakinyko (Found this after we did the Baccano/Durarara episode. Been dieing to use it.)

Ending song: “Beautiful World” by Ai Maeda

“Turn off the Dark” with Takei? I’d brave the dangers to see it!

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