MTP 17: Where is my Flagon of Mead!?

Download Here

So, I’ve finally beaten SMT: Nocturne and I can get back to posting new episodes of the podcast. Since this was recorded on May 21st. This week is our special Rapture episode where Kamen regales us with the history of Marvel’s Thor and the Hollywood theatrics of the same name while I give my first views on some Spring season anime.

Today’s topics: The Mighty Thor goes to Wendy’s, Ao no Exorcist, Tiger and Bunny, [C]The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, Steve Hobbes(?), Goddamn chips in the background!

Ending theme: “Trust you forever” from G Gundam

As always, if you have any comments, questions or, corrections, email

If you wanna blame anything for the lack of episodes these past few weeks, blame this.

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