MTP Thanksgiving Episode: You’re a SUPERHERO-IST!

Download Here

So, you’ve gorged out on food, said goodbye to your most annoying family members and, finished bad-mouthing them behind their backs. All there’s left now is to sit back and get ready to hit the hay right? WRONG! The newest episode of the Manly Tears Podcast is now out, ladies and gentlemen. Join us as we continue to get sidetracked, Yell Giant Robot attacks and, express how thankful we are that all anime aren’t as horrendous as Speed Grapher.

Today’s topic: Marvel Civil War, Speed Grapher, Giant Robot Showcase: Getter Robo, Don’t have Superhero battles by elementary schools, Black Aqualad; HE’S DIVERSE!!

Opening song: “Boku no Te wa Kimi no Tame ni” by Mass Alert From Heroman
Ending Song: “I’m Awesome” by Spose

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